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Top 10 Headshot Wardrobe Tips

Top Ten:  Boss-Lady Business Headshot Tips!

Ladies, I know you’re worried about looking your best for your upcoming professional headshots.  Well, worry no more! I’m here to prepare you for the most successful headshot session you’ve ever had!

Here are my Top 10 Wardrobe Tips for Business Headshots:

#1 Form fitting is definitely best.

Always look for figure-hugging clothes to avoid adding visual bulk.

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#2 Texture spices things up!

Textures like lace, ruffles, beading, sequins, and ruching add visual interest. Look for textured clothing in solid colors. Avoid patterns as they may detract from your face.

#3 Think in layers.

Add a form-fitting jacket or blazer, slim fit knit cardigan, or wispy scarf in coordinating colors.

Top 10 Headshot Tips - Wardrobe St. Louis Professional Headshots EichPhoto

#4 Look for necklines and sleeve lengths that flatter you.

Most women do not look their best in a crew-neck top. Better options are: V-necks, scoop-necks, bateau necklines, sweetheart, cowl, or surplice styles.

#5 Avoid cap sleeves.

They cut diagonally across the widest part of your arms, drawing attention to your upper arms and making them appear larger. 3/4 sleeves are universally flattering and slimming. Sleeveless tops look great on toned arms, or pair with layers (see above) to slim arms. If you don’t LOVE your arms, don’t go sleeveless – trust me. If you have a great sleeveless dress or top you want to wear, consider adding a wrap to keep arms from becoming distracting.

Top 10 Headshot Tips - Wardrobe St. Louis Professional Headshots EichPhoto

#6 Your outfit should not compete with your face for attention.

For headshots I recommend wearing a color that is either light (think pastel), or muted (gray, navy, etc), and accenting it with a statement necklace, sweater, or blazer.  Avoid large patterns or multi-colored tops that steal attention from your gorgeous smile.  If you choose to wear a printed top, consider “breaking up” that print with a cardigan, vest, or wrap of some sort.

#7 Consider your colors.

If you are not sure what your best colors are, as a general starting point: pastel and bright colors (spring and summer colors) usually look great on blondes, and dark saturated colors (fall and winter colors) usually look good on brunettes and redheads, and mature women generally can’t go wrong with jewel tones.

Top 10 Headshot Tips - Wardrobe St. Louis Professional Headshots EichPhoto

#8 What not to wear

Super-saturated cherry reds, hot pinks, and most “neon” colors do not typically photograph very well, and they tend to steal attention away from your face anyway, but a darker or more muted version of those colors would look great!
In general, you should avoid most “Crayola” colors UNLESS THEY FIT YOUR BRAND, as anything too bright and saturated can become distracting.

#9 Avoid the boring white button-down dress shirt.

It rarely flatters anyone in a photograph. If you simply MUST wear one, make sure it is fitted. A large, boxy white shirt will make you look like a Lego person: square. Consider wearing a fitted jacket or sweater over that dress shirt. 

Top 10 Headshot Tips - Wardrobe St. Louis Professional Headshots EichPhoto

#10 Wear clothing in colors and styles that represent you and your brand appropriately.

If your brand image is very professional, you should probably be in a suit (I always prefer gray over black). If it’s more whimsical, go with some really fun interesting jewelry and lots of textures. Consider dressing in one or more of your brand colors.



I hope this helps you prepare for your professional headshot session!  If you need more help, don’t worry, you can always book a personalized wardrobe consultation before your photo shoot with me! I am happy to raid your closet with you, or even go shopping with you if you need some extra help.

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