Family Portraits: Darrek (Hennessy) & Jessica (Jackson Family Wines) Griggs cuddle their two adorable girls, Reese and Riley at a cute St. Louis park in early fall.

Have you ever heard a photographer say: “Act natural”?

Ummm, yeah right!
How “natural” have you ever acted when someone has a camera pointed in your face?  Not very?
Me neither.
Not everyone will be happy to hear this, but: having your picture taken by a professional photographer is FREAKING WEIRD!
There is nothing “natural” about it.  AND THAT’S OK!

I know it’s scary to stand in front of a camera and just pray that you don’t look like a doofus.

Especially since you’ve saved up your hard-earned money to pay for these pictures! What if you don’t like them?
What if your butt looks big? Or your mouth looks weird because you were talking in all the photos (because the photographer told you to “just carry on and pretend I’m not here”)?
What if you have three chins in the otherwise-beautiful picture of you looking down at your laughing kiddos?

My promise to you is that I will never let that happen!

We are going to embrace the weirdness of having someone stare at you and point a giant camera in your face.
We’re going to talk about it, laugh about it, sometimes fake it if we have to, and you know what? It’s going to look completely natural! Sans double-chins.

Because I am going to coach you through every photo and set you up for success before I snap a single picture.

Those “natural” moments we’re going to capture will be staged first to make sure everyone looks their best, but the smiles and the giggles and love you can see if your pictures will be completely genuine!

From the Family Portrait hanging above your fireplace, to the Boudoir album tucked into your husband’s nightstand, your pictures will be exactly what you’ve been dreaming of!

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About Us

Kim Smith St. Louis, MO. O'Fallon, Wentzville, St. Charles, Missouri. Best Female Photographer in Saint Louis.  Kevin Eichelberger, owner and videographer at EichPhoto St. Louis Modern Luxury Portraits

Kim and Kevin Eichelberger are on a mission to make sure that YOU exist in photographs, for yourself and for your family.

Have you been putting off updating your family portrait or professional headshot?  How long have you been putting it off? 2 Years? 3? Longer??  Why are we so afraid of having our picture taken?

We meet too many women who shy away from the camera, claiming they “don’t photograph well,” or they’re “not photogenic.”  Well, we disagree.

You just need a little coaching and a lot of love and support.

Let us show you how you can have beautiful, elegant portraits worthy of passing down for generations to come.

This will be an experience that you will remember for years, and your photographs can be treasured for generations.

It’s not just about great pictures, it’s about great pictures OF YOU! Right now – just exactly as you are.  No need to wait until you’ve had your teeth whitened or lost those last ten pounds.  Come as you are, bring all your insecurities and all your excuses, and leave feeling like a million bucks!

We will make you look better than you ever thought possible.

Trust us, we know what we’re doing.  Here are some recent awards to prove it:

Thumbtack Best of 2016 award winner for best portrait studio. best St. Louis photographer, Kim Smith, EichPhoto     EichPhoto Best Portrait Studio of 2015     Best of O'Fallon Award 2015. Best Portrait Studio in O'Fallon

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